A Guide to Recycling Your Company’s Waste

One easy way to make your company greener and reduce your carbon footprint is through recycling all of your company’s waste. There are many ways you can do so, including re-using scrap paper and finding an industrial waste company who specializes in recycling. If you want to learn more about recycling your company’s waste, here are a few tips on how to get started.

Recycle Food Waste

If you are constantly finding old food left in your company’s staff room and the bins are being filled daily with half eaten meals, it may be time to think about recycling food scraps. There are many local farms that would be happy to take food waste from you for pig feed or compost. This will reduce the amount of waste you are producing and giving to your waste disposal company, meaning you will also be paying less to get rid of it. If you want your staff to learn more about food waste and eliminate this from your company, check out this great guide to combating food waste in the workplace.

Use a Waste Recycling Service

Choosing to recycle your company’s waste through a provider is the easiest way to ensure that you are doing all you can with your waste. Asking staff to recycle as they go along can help, but ultimately recycling can be forgotten, or you simply do not have the time to recycle. Businesses who operate in the manufacturing and industrial industries may find that their waste is much harder to dispose of. Thankfully, industrial recycling services such as GMR can help them to make the most of their waste. Their aim is to provide reliable solutions so companies throughout the USA can achieve their sustainability goals, aiming towards a greener future. They also provide a service for clients in all 50 states meaning there is no better time to begin recycling your company’s waste.

Recycle Electronics

Many companies go through electronics every few years and disposing of these safely is key to reducing the impact we make on the environment. There are places you can recycle your old electronics, whether this be a computer or batteries. Find a company where you can then recycle this waste or a shop in which you can take them in. Batteries are easily recycled and can be taken to many local superstores.

Re-Using Waste

Often, we have printing errors and this paper usually ends up straight in the bin. This is one thing that your company should stop and can easily be modified. Instead of having post-it notes and pads for paper, ask your staff to re-use paper that is no longer needed before then recycling it. This reduces your paper waste and is yet another form of recycling. Every piece of paper re-used can help save trees. Other things that should be re-used are objects such as decorations. Instead of re-buying new holiday decorations each year, ensure that you find a safe space to keep these ready for another year.

You can recycle almost anything from your business if you know how. Using an industrial waste recycling company is the best way to combat the waste your business is producing.