5 Ways to Go Green in the Office Now

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In today’s world, a main topic of conversation is going green and trying to reduce our impact on the environment. Because of this, many companies are making changes to their office environment as well as changing how they do business. With simple and easy changes, a business can greatly reduce their impact while often increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Reuse and Recycle

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One of the easiest ways to go green is to reuse and recycle items in the office. This can be something as simple as placing a recycle bin in the office for employees to place beverage cans and bottles after use. This enables these items to be recycled while reducing your company’s trash. Another option is to make a change to the break room. Instead of using paper cups for coffee and water, stock the break room with reusable cups and glasses or provide employees with a branded cup for use at work.

Change Up Your Printing Practices

In today’s world, technology replaces the need for a lot of traditional printing. Online documents replace traditional ones in many areas. However, not all business material can make the digital leap and printing is still often necessary. But, there are many ways to go green when it comes to office printing. The use of recycled paper products helps to reduce product waste. Utilizing refillable printer cartridges and pens allow for less plastic waste while reducing cost.

Bring Meetings, Conferences, and Employees to You

With the use of digital and video conferencing, the need to travel and rent meeting places is almost eliminated. Software and applications, such as found with the Agora Quick Start Guide, provide the means to video conference and gather employees together in a digital manner. Allowing employees to telecommute and work from home reduces the need for employees to travel and reduces workspace overhead.

Turn Off the Lights

Electricity is another target for going green in the workplace. Adding motion sensors to areas such as the restroom allow for lights to only be used when someone is in the room. They turn on and off automatically. In many companies, computer screens are set to go to a screen saver when not in use. Instead, change the setting to power the monitor down instead of running the screen saver.

Literally, Go Green

When most people think of going green, it is in ways to save the environment. Adding plants to your workplace not only adds actual green, but it contributes to a healthier workplace environment. Studies show that the addition of certain plants can help to reduce workplace illness by removing air pollutants. Plants can also increase a room’s humidity levels to optimal amounts for people. They also provide a natural cooling effect, reducing the amount of air-conditioning needed.

Making the leap and going green doesn’t have to be difficult. Even the smallest changes can make a big difference to the environment, as well as making a positive difference to both your employees and to your bottom line.