5 Eco-Friendly Practices you can adopt in your Office

Businesses all over the World are making constant efforts in order to reduce the impact of their day to day activities on the environment. Irrespective of the size of the business, even a small effort can have a positive impact in the long run. There are quite a few practices which an office or a workplace can adopt that will prove to be environmentally friendly.

Through the medium of this article, I am going to showcase the top 5 Eco-friendly practices that an individual can adopt at his office.

1. Recycle Printer Cartridges

Every year there are millions of printer cartridges that go in the land fills. These cartridges take hundred of years to finally decompose and do not good to the environment rather degrade it. The best way to deal with this is to recycle the used printer cartridges. Collect all the used cartridges at your office and collectively sending them for recycling. A few of the major cartridge manufacturing companies like HP have already taken an initiative in this regard. All the original HP printing supplies can be recycled via the HP Supplies Recycling service.

2. Minimize the Consumption of Power

Often we find the electronic appliances at a workplace to be in an ‘ON’ state even though no individual is using them. These electronic appliances can range from tube lights, phone chargers, laptops and much more. It is common sense to turn all these appliances off when not in use. By taking an initiative you can significantly reduce the consumption of electricity. All these small savings will definitely add up. Most of the people at office tend to put their devices in stand by mode rather than completely turning them off when not in use for a longer duration. This is a bad practice as some of these devices actually consume more electricity in the stand by mode.

3. Digitize Your Work

In this era of digitization, where everything is available at our finger tips, still, we are making use of a lot of printed documents. One way to reduce the usage of paper is to store each and every document on the online servers. As and when there is a need to view them, an individual can view these without taking a physical copy of them. Convert all your documents into PDF format and share them with your employees. That’s why you may want to make sure that you have the relevant software to allow you to do so. For example, Document Imaging Software that you can get from places similar to FileCenter, (https://www.filecenterdms.com/info-document-imaging.html) has become a popular way to transform your physical documents into digital copies, so you and your colleagues can have access to them at a moment’s notice, preventing you from wasting time to find these documents in the first place. Good, right?

4. Invest In Eco-Friendly Office Equipment

Dump all your old office equipment and replace them with newer energy efficient models. These equipment are also known as green office products as they reduce energy wastage and limit the negative environmental impacts. Some of the devices that are available nowadays are in accordance with the International Energy Star Program. Even though these devices come at a higher initial cost the energy saving properties get a greater weightage. The price of these devices is on the basis of the star ratings they receive. The more the rating the energy efficiency will also be more.

5. Buy an Eco-friendly Printer

Most of the offices print a large number of documents on a daily basis. All these offices must consider buying an Eco-friendly printer that has been designed to use less energy than all the other printers that are available in the market. These printers don’t compromise on the print quality. Based on the requirements of your business you can choose a model that has all the useful features. With each printing job that you do with the printer you will be saving some portion and of your money and energy.

In The End

All the Eco-friendly practices that have been mentioned in the article are easy to adopt and don’t require significant effort from an individual. Apart from saving the environment all these practices will enable a business to save some money and resources that can be utilized in something judicious.

Along with the Eco-friendly practices that are showcased above, there are quite a few other ways in which an office can benefit the environment. I hope that after reading the article you are going to implement a few of the practices at your workplace. I would love to have your views about the article in the comments section below.

Author Bio:

David Blakey is a blogger by profession with 5 years of experience. He is associated with a Hot Toner , selling Brother printer toner online in Australia. He is an admirer of sharing his innovative ideas with others on the technology trends.