Working in the Green Economy

When people use the phrase ‘green economy’, you might be inclined to think that this refers only to jobs dealing directly with the environment: reforestation projects, for instance. However, the term ‘green economy’ has a much wider application, and it is the smart choice for workers in the present day.

In short, any business or job is part of the ‘green economy’ if it results in better environmental and/or human welfare. So a technology firm that ensures that its carbon emissions are practically zero, or a clothing company that ensures sustainable work practices and fair living conditions for its employees at all stages of the production cycle, are just as much a part of the green economy as the deforestation project mentioned above.

Why should I get a job in the Green Economy?

Many people wish to work in the green economy because they have an ethical conscience about where and how they make their money. Earning a good salary whilst also ensuring that the world is made better, or at least not worse off, by your actions, gives your conscience peace of mind.

Moreover, many employers are seeing the importance of the green economy to present day business, in all sectors. More and more companies are seeking to join the green economy, or to up their commitment to the green economy if they have already gained a foothold there. And so, a commitment to green economy issues is a big plus for any potential employee of a modern business.

What kinds of jobs are available in the green economy?

All different kinds! You are sure to be able to find a job that suits you, whether it is an entry level job or a more senior position. For instance, you could work as a Solar Development Manager, redesigning your company’s offices to ensure that it harnesses solar power in an efficient way, thus improving the cost effectiveness of the business whilst also helping the environment. If media and marketing are your things, you could find work developing a brand image and set of marketing tools for your new company, that reflect its commitment to the green economy.

Or, you could work in logistics, strategic planning, engineering, or in the overlaps between the business and the charity sector. The green economy is booming and no matter what your skill set, this is the place to use your expertise and to gain some great new transferable skills along the way.

Apply for jobs in the Green Economy today!

The green economy is already huge, and it is set to be the next big thing for the future. So if you want to give your career a kick start, learning about the green economy and applying for jobs in this sector is the smart thing to do. Take a look at what work is on offer, and apply for the post that best suits your skills and aspirations.