Winter Composting Update

Happy New Year everyone!
As mentioned previously, despite moving the Winter Composting Extravaganza to the Compost Guy blog this year, I still want to keep everyone updated on my progress over here (for the benefit of anyone who might be interested, but has not been keeping tabs on happenings over at the other site).

I’m happy to report that everything has been going very smoothly thus far! I learned a lot from my mistakes last year, and feel quite confident that I’ll be able to compost all winter long, thanks to my new insulation system and improved techniques. We have had a LOT of snow and many days below the freezing mark. If you followed along last year, you may recall the fact that we barely had winter weather at all until January.

The coldest days are still ahead I’m sure, but the performance of the system has been very impressive! For example – during the last 24 hours our air temperatures have been very cold (we were down below -20C / -4F last night for sure), yet when I took temperature readings inside the bin this morning I found many zones in the + 20C / + 68F range! Not too shabby at all.

Anyway, I’ll definitely provide at least a couple more updates here between now and spring, but if you want to stay completely up-to-date with my progress be sure to check out the Winter Composting page over at CompostGuy.com.