Wind Farm Opposition Grows

Canadian companies that create wind farms are having a rough time building them as opposition groups are delaying the building, some of these delays are over one year because of appeals. Much of the opposition feel that wind farms have, at the very least, two major strikes against them – they are noisy and they are an eye-sore.

Enbridge, a leading company in the Canadian wind farm industry, have actually had to decrease the size of their planned wind farm because of such heavy protest from local groups.

The key factor that supporters of these farms attribute to the opposition is ignorance. Although Canada is an ideal country for wind-farms because of its two coasts, as well as the prairie provinces, they are playing catch-up to most European countries in relation to the percentage of power harnessed from the wind versus the more traditional forms of energy creation.

Educating the public is necessary if these companies plan on eventually thriving, but the oppostion do make a valid argument with regards to the negative impact that wind-farms have.

I wrote the author of the above video telling him that I was happy to see some objective information about wind farms from such a knowledgable person. The following was his response as it was presented it to me.

“I’m only trying to present the facts as the developer presented them. Turbines are only as good as their location. The AWEA recommends only wind class 3 and above locations. Unfortunately due to the huge subsidies granted to the wind industry,the best locations are not always chosen.As you can see from my other videos about wind farm locations/wind speeds in Illinois, the Oak Prairie Wind Farm in Illinois is to be built in an area of class 2-3 wind. There is class 4 wind in the same county, but those locations are not being considered for development. This will cost us all tax money and clean energy. The difference in output from class 3 to class 4 is quite a bit as my video shows. So that being said, keep in mind support for wind power should really be support for the best locations.”

“By the way as far as the whole NIMBY thing, I ran a wind turbine in my own backyard for 4 years before I sold it due to lack of output and lightning strike issues. I now use solar only. The wind farm developer for Oak Prairie Wind Farm lives many miles away and uses no renewables at his home. He is only in the project for the land lease money. Energy is not his main incentive. The county wants to tax the towers so they don’t care about output/location.
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PS-Did you know that Com Ed and the AWEA made a report about Illinois wind resources and found that the entire state of Illinois has a total wind energy potential of only about 6780 Mega Watts.About 1% of Illinois total consumption!”

Some of the best advice that I ever received seems appropriate to use right now. There are two sides to every story – and then there’s the truth.