Why Should I Buy Coconut Flooring?

You should buy coconut flooring because it is as beautiful, strong, hard and long lasting as hardwood flooring but unlike hardwood flooring it is environmentally friendly. Furthermore, buying coconut flooring helps the economies of rural communities in many developing countries.

Coconut flooring is made from coconut palm trees that have stopped producing coconut fruit. This normally occurs after 60 or 70 years. A barren coconut palm is called a senile palm. Traditionally senile palms have been used for housing, roofing, dyes etc but there is a great surfeit of senile palms and they represent lost revenue.

It is a great idea to make sustainable flooring from senile palms. By using the palms in a successful economic enterprise local people can better manage their coconut resources and maximize coconut yields. There are an estimated 2,000 senile coconut palm trees in Indonesia alone.

And the best thing of all about this business is that in only 6 years a newly planted coconut reaches maturity. For this reason coconut palms can be considered a renewable resource.

Coconut although not strictly a tree has a beautiful end grain that makes coconut flooring look great. It takes a high polish and looks stunning. Coconut flooring is available in lighter ‘natural’ tones and darker ‘carbonized’ tones. It also comes in horizontal, vertical and strand woven forms. This makes coconut flooring versatile as well.

In terms of performance, hardwood flooring and coconut flooring are very similar. Coconut flooring is strong and long lasting. It can stand up to high traffic and heavy furniture. Coconut flooring has a Janka Hardness Rating of about 1,500 pounds force, making it harder than oak, maple and elm flooring.

Also like hardwood flooring, coconut flooring is anti allergenic because it doesn’t allow dust mites to live and breed. It is dust mite excrement that is a major trigger for allergic reactions and is bad for asthma sufferers.

Finally in terms of price, coconut flooring is an economic alternative. You not only save money by buying coconut flooring you also make use of a renewable resource for your flooring needs. This means you are saving the rainforests of the world from extinction and helping to fight global warming.

It is for these reasons that I believe you should buy coconut flooring.

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