Who are the leaders of VoIP?

According to the latest researches of Comlete.com service, Phone.com enters top-4 companies in terms of Popularity criteria. It’s getting 11% share. Together with three other leaders they cover 86% of the market. Ring Central is still keeping number 1 position in market, having 40% share from the Popularity Criteria point of view. Ooma Office is the last company of the table, holding not more than 2% of popularity share. However, let’s see how this criteria infuences on consumer perception overall.

If we look at such criteria as Price, we see that less popular services deliver more cheap cost for the most popular products. The conclusion is that price is  not the main parameter for consumer’s choice. Phone.com is getting the third position, being exactly at the center of  price range of the market, offering popular products at an affordable price. Looking at the first position in terms of price, we recognize Ring Central as a leader again: being the most popular, the services are still the most expensive. This confirmes the conclusion that the price is not so important in terms of consumer’s choice. However, this criteria is very flexible in terms of its importancy: as soon as a consumer notices no difference between two competitive products, he chooses the one of them with a lower price.

But what a pleasant surprise is waiting for us, when we look at the last chart! According to User Reviews rating, Phone.com is the leader of that criteria research. This research contains an average data, that was taken out from five different sources, and this fact confirms objectivity of the information provided. Phone.com shows the result of 4,5 from 5 points, while other top-3 leaders in Popularity criteria have not more than 3,7 points per each.

Puttinng together all the criterias that were analysed above, we definitely see the great potential of Phone.com services at the market. Offering the most popular products at a competitive price, Phone.com has number 1 position in Users Reviews. So we can forecast that W Popularity criteria leaders chart might change in favour of Phone.com in the nearest future.

Via: Phone.com Phone Systems