Where The Green Business Market Is Going

Up. I question a lot of companies motives but that is just my jaded self writing. As it stands now more than a number of companies are getting on this bandwagon, a public relations bonanza to say the least. I accept it for what its worth regardless of a company’s true intentions.

Green market Penetration

Right now car companies seem to be in the lead with “green market penetration”, focusing on big ticket items. People need cars, people love cars, so if hybrid cars are comparatively priced to traditional cars, why not take the leap and by a hybrid? Makes sense to me. The shift to the greening of products in the markets could be viewed as a means for companies to creating new revenue streams in an already saturated marketplace. With margins being squeezed in almost all facets of business, green products are not only necessary for the environment, they are necessary for business to keep expanding.

The green market is expanding at an enormous rate. Companies that don’t jump on and get in the game will be left behind. Even if a company’s motives are strictly financial the benefits will be two fold. A company enters an expanding market and the environment gets a little less polluted. What more can an environmentalist ask for?

Eco friendly products are all the rage, and rightfully so. Even if this consumer consciousness wanes a little, the market as a whole is here to stay. With the current rate of growth, a small pull-back won’t force the entire green market into a tailspin. It is only getting started.


Most of the popular green press is talking about how colleges are changing to energy efficient light bulbs or publicizing recycling programs. These are great, but they never address the damage that college admissions contributes to the environment. They never factor in the amount of paper they waste as they calculate their carbon footprint.

It is estimated that colleges require us to process 755,000,000 paper documents each year as an incoming class. Students’ mailboxes get flooded with direct mail pieces from schools they’ll never attend. They have to fill out paper form after form as part of the applications sometimes to say the same things, over and over again. And the paper trail continues until these students get to campus, where apparently we can now recycle.

StudentsPlantTheSeed.com is a website that helps us identify this problem. It also gives us a collective voice to tell high schools and colleges that we want them to start using technology available now to eliminate paper. Students today are required to follow the same paper-based processes that their parents and even their grandparents had to follow. It¹s time for a change.

You can make a change by telling these institutions how you feel. Login to StudentsPlantTheSeed.com and sign the petition.