Two Ways to Simplify Traveling for Business

air tripIn today’s world of instant communication, traveling for business purposes is not as common as it used to be. Still, situations arise where talking with clients face to face or attending a workshop or conference are necessary elements of the business world. Two important steps to simplify traveling for business involve careful selection of the hotel and planning for travel around the destination. In short, the planning process needs to be a priority to take the focus out of travel arrangements and put them exactly where they need to be, which is on the job at hand.

Selecting the Hotel

Online planning guides are valuable assets when it comes to selecting the right hotel for business travel. Finding affordable hotels in Honolulu or finding a top destination in Houston can be a relatively simple task with a little homework. While staying in the hotel the conference is taking place can really save on time, staying across the street or within walking distance can result in substantial savings. For trips that will be focused on a client or number of clients, finding a hotel strategically placed between the various locations reduces travel times and maximizes the face to face contact that the trip emphasizes.


With the arrival of mobile technology and GPS navigation, getting around new and different cities is not as difficult as it used to be. Renting a car is usually one of the top priorities for business travelers because of the easy navigation. However additional fees and high rates can be avoided by utilizing taxi services, public transportation, and even ride sharing services. In the end, renting a car might be more stressful and expensive than shelling out a few hundred dollars for taxi fares. Of course, the location of the clients and the distance from the hotel to the airport are important aspects to consider.
In the end, carefully selecting the hotel and evaluating transportation costs are important steps that can simplify any business trip. Companies and individuals that put a little effort into preparation are often rewarded by more effective business trips that result in greater productivity. In short, traveling for business is not unlike regular day-to-day operation of the company. The trip should be focused and prioritized, which means planning out an itinerary to maximize the money being spent on the trip. Keeping things simple is always a great way to optimize the time on the road.