The 10 Best Environmental Diggers

A while ago I posted an article titled “The Ten Best Environment Websites In The World“. One of the websites I chose for the list was Digg. If you still haven’t heard of Digg you either have just logged onto the internet for the first time, or you….have just logged onto the internet for the first time. The environmental area of Digg is full of amazing articles that many people would otherwise never read because of the vast amount of information on the internet. The environmental group consists of some really special people who read and share articles that they think would interest their fellow diggers. Some call it a hobby, but they would call it an obsession. Those few Diggers who read, post and share a ton of important information need to be recognized for their time and effort, and I am going to be the one to do it. Here they are, the best environmental diggers.
Hank Green
Craig Mac
Winsome Gunning
David Connell
Jonathon D. Colman
Brett From Tibet
Alex Ramon
Tracy Stokes
Jeff McIntire-Strasburg