The National Impact of the California Drought

The drought in California continues to have a significant impact in the region. Billions of dollars in produce and jobs are going to be affected by this climate problem. People outside of California may be nonchalant about the issue and may feel sorry for those who live in the Golden State, without realizing that the drought in the west coast will pose negative effects across the country.

California as a Resource

The Central Valley of California is considered the richest food producing region in the world. As such, it provides a vast majority of the produce that is utilized across the United States. With millions of acres in farm land, it takes quite a bit of water to fully support the vast agricultural area. Additionally, it takes numerous individuals to help maintain and farm the land.

The current drought conditions are predicted to provide less than 35% of the needed water supply to support the valley. Even with additional water resources, which will cost millions of dollars, it is predicted that the farms will be short by around 7.5%.

The Effects

The effects of the drought reach far and wide. In the local area, farms will take a drastic hit in production, and therefore experiencing a decrease in financial resources. Some farms will have to let hard working individuals go while others will be forced to shut down all together. With Central Valley being a major contributor to the produce that’s utilized throughout the entire country, this shortage will limit available produce and cause inflation. As a result, nutrient rich produce may become out of the range for some lower income individuals and families, which can lead to unhealthy diets.

 How to Help

It is important that the community try to reduce the negative impact of the drought and conserve water in every way possible. There are a few options that can be considered. One of the most effective means is to promote energy efficiency. Energy management companies such as Powerhouse Dynamics offer energy reduction solutions for a variety of industries. Through their experience and expertise, they can develop proper strategies to help reallocate certain resources and implement new practices to help conserve and efficiently utilize various energy sources. Individuals can also implement water-conservation practices at home, such as taking shorter showers and turning the faucet off when brushing teeth. When done collectively, small measures can help to make a big difference.

Although the drought cannot be prevented or stopped, the effects can be managed. With certain regions of California providing great resources to the nation, it is important that everyone do their part in sustaining those assets. By taking proper precautions and employing efficiency measures, we can all help to reduce the effects of the drought.