The Muse: An Eco-Friendly Hotel In NYC

The hospitality industry has made major strides in becoming more eco-friendly. It is no longer a rare occurance to find an established, high-end hotel trying to become more environmentally friendly, but some hotels go further than just changing light bulbs. The Muse , a hotel  in New York City, has taken the term eco-friendly to a new level.

How They Did It

First and foremost, they have garnered a lot of credibility as an eco friendly hotel by being certified by a reputable agency. In The Muses’ case, they have been certified by Green Seal’s certification team. The Muse was awarded GS-33 Green Seal certification.

The Muse has instituted a paperless guest check-in/out service. Something so simple as this can dramatically the amount of paper used by any hotel. They also offer eco-friendly bath comforts, in-room recycling bins, organic snack and beverage options at the in-room bar as well as organic or fair-trade coffee and tea.


The rooms are well stocked with linens cleaned with eco-certified cleaning supplies.  It should be noted that there is a towel and linen reuse program which reduces overall water and energy use. Something that The Muse offers, which is a great idea, is the availability of guests to use ceramic mugs instead of paper cups. They also use low flow toilets, showers and faucets while having a comprehensive recycling program for cups, clothes hangers, batteries and more.

Maybe the coolest thing about this hotel is that many unused items, such as unused bath amenities, are donated to community programs.

This is one hotel that has made its eco-friendly mark in one of the greatest cities in the world. We salute The Muse.