The Growing Need for Corporate Wellness Programs

The Growing Need for Corporate Wellness Programs

Companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and lower their overall spending. Many of them don’t consider creating corporate wellness programs because it takes money to start up such a program. However, the benefits of starting a wellness program far outweigh the cons. The results often lead to businesses saving money and having happier employees.

Hiring a Company Lessens Work on Your End

Companies don’t usually have the extra man power to start a corporate wellness program. Due to this, they skip these programs altogether. Thankfully, there are companies out there that you can hire to take the pressure off your in-house staff and do the legwork for you. Companies, such as Wellness Corporate Solutions, offer a number of services of which your company can take advantage. For example, WCS offers health fairs, on-site seminars, wellness challenges and health risk assessments.

Reduces Rate of Illness

Studies show that being healthy reduces the rate of illness. Teaching employees healthy habits can cut down on the amount of work-related injuries that occur. This includes stress fractures, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and stress. With fewer employees getting sick, your company is likely to experience a drop in employee absenteeism and an increase in employee productivity. When employees feel better, they work better.

Reduces Cost of Health Care

Another way that companies save money with wellness programs is reductions in their company health care costs. A study from Coca-Cola shows that the introduction of a wellness program, in which 60 percent of the employees participated, resulted in an average savings of $500 per employee, per year. This adds up to a lot of savings and more than covers the cost of starting a wellness program.

The benefits that come with a corporate wellness program are easy to see. While some companies might be reluctant to start such programs, they soon see everything they have to offer. Hiring a company to help you run the program can reduce the amount of work that is required from your in-house team to run one themselves. This means that you can offer the program without giving up any of your own resources.