Sustainable Global Businesses – The Ultimate Change for any Business Sector

Have you heard of the sustainable global businesses that you can now use to change the world? In case you really want your company to be unique and provide the best world-wide then this is the best opportunity for you. It is all about sustainable entrepreneurship that means a business concept that deals with both financial and social shared value that any company can create. There are various successful businesses that have employed it and have got to change the world in various ways. It is all simple and you too can get the chance to make a significant change in the world. These world class business comprise of:

Ben and Jerry’s

This is an ice cream company based in Vermont. It has significantly grown and become very famous because it has employed sustainable global businesses opportunity. Through this, they now produce mouth-watering ice creams that has greatly enhanced the whole world and the surrounding society. They use sustainable ingredients like coffee, vanilla cage free eggs and many more. Their social activism comprise: of marriage equality and political transparency amongst others.


This company now provides sleek and in demand cars that very safe and environmental friendly. This is because they have been able to revolutionize their company through sustainable global business plan. They ensure zero gas emission and this has improved their efficiency from 25% to 80%.

Energy Floors

This is the only world-wide company that has attained a 50% efficiency in the conversion of footfall into energy. This is because they produce floor that creates usable energy from kinetic energy. Since their floors have reached five continents, they have accumulated up to 50 million joules.


This has now become one of top rated micro-loan service. It has developed and now it funds millions of small businesses in different developing countries. It has achieved this just through the sustainable global business and now it changing the world through their smart plans.

The other companies that have employed sustainable global businesses are: Warby Parker and Toms. They have gone further to create a great change in the world in their areas of interest. Join today and your business will be more than a business.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Infographic
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