Sustainable Business: A Profitable Choice

Every so often, here at Green Business, we will write about companies that are doing their part to help keep our world clean. Two companies are thriving in Vancouver, BC, Canada, by creating businesses that promote sustainability- Happy Planet and SPUD are the future of business.

Using only organic fruits, Happy Planet makes some of the best juice around. Founded by Randal Ius and Gregor Robertson, Happy Planet has cemented itself in the city of Vancouver. Their juices can be found in mainstream grocery stores, local tuck shops, and yes, even Starbucks. Their juices do cost a little more than the competition, but Happy Planet is not your average juice company. Made with 100% organic juice, it is such a high quality product that people are more than willing to pay a little extra for one of their products. Personally, I’m addicted to Extreme Green. Made with apple juice, banana puree, spirulina, stinging nettle-you get the idea, it’s more than just a juice, it’s a meal. If you’re lucky enough to see some on a shelf, give it a try- it’s definitely worth it.

Sustainable Business: A Profitable Choice

SPUD is an online grocer also headquartered in Vancouver, BC. In business since 1998, SPUD is known for its organic produce and for delivering all of its products to your front door. I always see their vans making deliveries in the city. It’s founder and CEO, David Van Seters, conceived of this brilliant idea in 1997 while he was conducting a study on “the economics of sustainable community food systems”. David gives five reasons why he started SPUD:

1) Protect the environment by buying local, organic, minimally packaged, and eco-friendly products.

2) Build community by creating more direct connections between food producers and consumers.

3) Reduce traffic congestion and pollution by delivering groceries on a set route and avoiding private car trips to the grocery store.

4) Educate customers about important food issues through a weekly newsletter.

5) Donate leftover food to food outreach groups and disadvantaged families.

Sustainable businesses, like the two mentioned above, put a smile on my face. There are no more excuses for businesses that harm our environment. Every business is now accountable-there’s no more hiding.