Sustainability Consultant and Educator

I stumbled on a home based, small green business that I thought everyone should know about. It is a green service that both homes and businesses alike could use. It is called ECO-audit and it helps homes and businesses become more environmentally friendly.

A list of the company’s reasons for performing an ECO-audit:

  1. Improve air quality
  2. Reduction of business and household waste
  3. Provides easy access to local green products and services.

The ECO-audit consists of the following; an interview, an audit of the premises, a report with suggestions for improvements as well as on-going support. Along with audits of homes and businesses, the company offers a wide range of audits such as: baby audits, pet audits and diet audits. Their goal is to help improve all areas of one’s life to becoming the most sustainable as possible.

Educate Yourself

Learn as much as you can about living a green lifestyle and become an expert in the field of greening a home. How can one do this? Take a course and then start with your own home. Take the initiative to talk with people interested in greening their lives. You do not have to be part of a large company to be a green business consultant. Have a passion to green people’s lives and maybe with experience and knowledge, and by acquiring ‘know-how’, you too can become a green business consultant. Start off small by greening homes and small businesses that are interested in becoming environmentally friendly . Target businesses that cater to sustainability. Ask yourself how could those businesses become more green themselves.

People are becoming more environmentally conscious, and they might not have the time or knowledge to change their home or business, but you do. Use your expertise and start your own green business by becoming a consultant in greening people’s private and professional lives. Hats off to ECO-audit for starting a home based green business that provides services to help people become more environmentally responsible.