Sometimes I live off the Land


Michael Gray
“Living off the land” is hard work. Do you plan to cut your trees and sell the wood and then plow the land each year for a harvest?
I think you meant live off a trust fund.

Mopar Until the government sends you taxes… then reality hots where our society will not allow you to own any land or dwelling without paying for life… Someone has to pay for all the people recieving hand outs so they don’t have to work or pay for their home.

Carol Anne Laloo
My ultimate dream and I’m moving to it for sure eventually. Planting Farming can take care of it. The simple life…well acceptance first then move ahead to this goal

Paula Stuht
Until the electricity goes out. Then I want to get back in my car and head to civilization so I can brew a cup of coffee and read a book at night.

Dawnyell Wilcox
Houser Oh Yeah, I would LOVE to do it. I was brought up by a Farmer an I know how to live off the land an grow things an no AC, no running water . Who wouldn’t want to be there??

Benjamin Tustin
“move to a cabin in the woods” /shows a small luxury mansion on the lake

Manos Kipouros
Cabin in the woods,a lot of mean spirits out there bro,better watch out

Linda Horrell J
ust would want this cabin set back off the lake!!! And, yes I have lived ‘off the land’ … It isn’t a piece of cake.

Stacy Anderson-Trueblood
You would have to learn to brew your own moonshine……hehehehe

Donna Bottorff Landon
Live off the land? I’ll bet there isn’t one person in a hundred who can do that successfully! This is a beautiful house – is it “off the grid”? I doubt it seriously.

Debbie Knerr
Some people are so negative there are books that read to help you live off the land.

Carole Steffens
That is quite a cabin. Looks like they do have horses.

Aura Lee Willer
Only if this cabin floats. It’s way too close to the lake and I shudder to think what happens during spring runoff!

Kate Peppercorn
Exactly the decision I have just made 🙂 14 acres and will be self sufficient 🙂 🙂

Joshua Alberto
Cerna And have chickens for eggs, and a veggie garden, and grow my own tobaccy

Bonnie Martinez
I would like to be unplugged from media not electricity, water, markets!!!

Jennifer Smith
I was about to tag you on this Darrell Hunt then I realized you posted it??

Colin Penofsky Reality
I will visit weekend and vacation and retirement who brings the necessity to this house

Becky Henning
I would do the same but I would still need a grocery store, I don’t want to eat anything I’d shoot.

Jon Hopkinson
Nice thought but considering the cost of lake front land and its availability it is limited to only the vary rich

Mills come on think positive ok a little retirement will help but it is a dream of mine as well our ancestors did it.

Bruce Stanton
I agree but, where would I store my “High Voltage Broadband Space Modulator”?

Hayes Adams
Actually: Daniel Suelo is doing quite fine. Please read: The Man Who Quit Money

Robbie Spake
Michelle Maynard we have a barn that is available, might be.a snake factory!!!

Tracy N Cathie Pannell
Not some time, every single day we are thinking about moving

Pe Linssen
Why are you sneaky taking pictures of my house?

Tammy Bak He’ll yeah

Lori Dow
As long as I have a good bed to sleep on. Phill Pajak

Nicole Zamudio
Can this be our goal? David Perez

Martha Welch
I’d love to have this as a retreat.

Regina Kolb Harris
As long as my significant other comes along.

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Mike Kotyk
Mike Kotyk Absolutely.