Running A Strong Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing has proven itself to be a worthwhile direct marketing component over the course of the past two decades. There is often a predictable return and email marketing campaign services can enhance your results to the extent that they should definitely be looked into when you start your campaign planning.

Here are some tips on running a strong email marketing campaign at your firm:

Know your metrics: From the outset, understanding innately what the traditional response rate has been in your industry should help you to make the right decisions when it comes to designing and implementing the type of campaign that you plan to run. It is for this reason, that looking at working with vendors like Solid Cactus, that have years of experience in the business, can pay off in terms of providing the insight that you need to make solid decisions. In addition to response rate, any vendor that you work with should also be able to provide you with a sense of the conversion rate that their clients have achieved for similar campaigns. That information should help you to set realistic goals for the program that you intend to implement.

Ensure that you are on target: As a marketing or product manager, you are likely familiar with good leads and bad ones, and can tell when a database that you use is likely to produce solid results. If you haven’t already, taking the time to start tracking the quality of the leads that you are receiving for different campaigns by category should start to give you a solid picture of just how valuable the leads that you have are. Most major companies segment their leads by trade show or event when they are using comment or inquiry data from those places- and use the data from email campaigns and other direct pieces to see how valuable the event that they attended actually is. Of course if you are working with data from the Internet, you should also have a historical sense of how valuable that data actually is before you start sending the email out. Many campaigns are tailored to match a certain set of data and the data’s value will adjust the expected results of the campaign before you start. Best practices dictates trying to apply a filter to the existing data set if necessary before the email is sent out in order to ensure that your target is what you are reaching.

Build quality into your processes: In most cases, the email that you send will be properly designed and make it easy for the recipients to understand and respond. You can test this beforehand in order to ensure that the finished product meets your standards. Quality is also important when it comes to the back-end of things. If you have just run an advertising campaign to gain Facebook likes for your social media site and some of the responses are people that you intend to share your email with, remember that the Internet is an industry and it is a cottage industry for some marketers to lurk around the edges of social media, trying to build momentum with social media identities that aren’t necessarily full-fledged human beings. If you schedule an audit at least once a quarter for companies that are running several email campaigns, you should be able to come up with a percentage over time of recipients that will not pan out as clients.

Running email campaigns can be a great way to use the data that you receive from your website. By ensuring that you are targeting and compensating for potential deficiencies before you start, you should end up with more accurate results.