Renewable Energy Producer

Bullfrog Power is a leading renewable energy producer providing electricity to homes and businesses in the three Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. They claim to be Canada’s leading 100 per cent green electricity provider. Bullfrog Power generates its electricity by using wind turbines and injects clean energy into power grids throughout the provinces. What a home or business can do if it wants to run on green powered electricity is match the amount of electricity it uses with a purchase through Bullfrog Power.  For example, the Calgary International Film Festival was Bullfrog powered. This was done by matching the total amount of power used by the events of the film festival with Bull Frog renewable electricity, thus powering the event with one hundred percent renewable electricity.

Bullfrog Power simply infuses clean, zero emissions electricity into the provinces electricity grids to match the amount of power used by thousands of homes and hundreds of organizations in Alberta, B.C. and Ontario. How much does this cost? In B.C., Bullfrog Power sends out a monthly statement. They charge 2 cents per Kilowatt hours. So in addition to a monthly electrical bill from B.C. Hydro, Bullfrog charges 2 cents per kilowatt hour or kWh. Here is a link the their website’s FAQ, for British Columbia homes, to help you get a better understanding of their services.