Ontario’s Green Energy Act

Tomorrow the Province of Ontario, in Canada, will publicly introduce the Green Energy Act. There are a number of goals for the act. First and foremost, the act is to aid the Province in relying less on non-renewable energy. Secondly, Ontario hopes to create at least  50,000 new jobs over the next three years which has seen a significant increase in jobless claims over the past twelve months as the once strong manufacturing sector has been decimated due to the global economic collapse. Dalton McGuinty, the Province’s Premier, is quoted on his personal website as saying that it is his intention to harness Ontario’s renewable energy, specifically solar and wind energy. Ontario’s Minister of Energy, George Smitherman publicly states that the Government of Ontario wants to create numerous smaller renewable energy projects across the Province instead of relying on the fewer large energy generating stations.


The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) has tirelessly been promoting a green energy act and it looks like their wish is now reality. The economic benefit to the province cannot be underestimated. The bill will increase the Province’s investment in the creation of renewable energy as well as making it easier to get new wind and solar farm projects started, while helping protect the environment. The growth in renewable energy in Ontario has been impressive. There were a total of 10 wind turbines in the province in 2003 – currently the number is closer to 600, coupled with Ontario’s newly formed task force, instructed to help meet Ontario’s goal of one hundred thousand new solar-energy systems in homes, the Province is well on its way to becoming an industry leader in alternative energy. Although the current goal of the Province is to become self-sufficient in providing renewable energy to its citizens, it is simultaneously building a vast alternative energy infrastructure. With Ontario’s commitment to alternative energy it is reasonable to predict that in the future the Province will one day be a significant player in selling renewable energy to other provinces and even perhaps many States in America, specifically those located in the North East.