My Rant on Corporations

After reading the article about Prince Charles I started writing (ranting) about corporations. I was going to include the follow text in the Charles post, but decided that I needed to write a separate post.

My Rant:

I hope that in the near future we will see an eco-standard established for corporations. The idea would be for corporations to only select suppliers who are making a commitment to reduce their carbon emissions and are adopting sustainable practices. Companies that are unwilling to change their practices would be left in the dust and would face losses in revenue based on their unwillingness to change.

It will take some of the world’s largest corporations to set the stage for others to follow. Think of the power and impact retail corporations like Costco, Home Depot, Wal-Mart have on their suppliers. If they stated, “be green by 2008 if you want to continue doing business with us”, many businesses would either scramble to find a solution or fold-up shop. Without definitive recourse, many businesses will continue operating as normal and without change.

I would love to believe that corporate responsibility, moral obligation and the desire to preserve our environment, would be enough of a catalyst to bring about corporate change. Unfortunately, in many cases the almighty dollar takes precedent. Global industry needs to change the way they do business and become more selective in who they do business with! At the same time, consumers need to change their buying habits and make wiser “greener” choices.

There is a great opportunity for existing corporations to change the foundation of their business and a fantastic opportunity for new “greener” businesses to emerge and rival the businesses who are unwilling to change.

More of my editorial to follow……