Making Money by Going Green

Going green has never been as profitable as it right now, and it looks as though this business trend is just getting started. Whether it’s clothes, cars, food, homes, or a plethora of other items, environmentally conscious products are generating revenue and profit for the companies with a conscience for a cleaner environment and/or healthy revenue stream. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as though these companies are generating billions of dollars from their ecologically-friendly products, it’s just that it’s nice to see some companies recognizing consumer demand for these kinds of products and then taking the risk to produce these goods. Is this all a fad or will higher priced T-shirts made from organic materials be in demand from consumers for….well, forever? This is the million dollar question. I don’t have a crystal ball, but it’s obvious that consumers are starting to become environmentally conscious and they’re showing it at the cash register. It’s not out of the ordinary to find organically grown, fair-trade coffee beans at your local cafe or organic milk at a corner store. We are living in a time where organic foods can now be considered a mainstream niche in the grocery business. Considerable demand by consumers, coupled with a better margin than conventional, non-organic foods has made the grocery chain Whole Foods a growth company. When is the last time you heard the words growth and grocery in the same sentence?

I think going green is much more than a fad. I believe it is an entire new market, and a market that’s here to stay. People are now having environmentally friendly homes built for them, hoping to depend less on oil and more on the energy of the sun. Environment friendly cars are also being built, hoping to depend less on oil and more on ecologically sound forms of energy. I see a pattern forming here. It might take years before cars with fuel-cells become common-place, but I can definitely see a trend towards just that. We are most certainly living in exciting times when companies that restore and maintain our fragile environment can be profitable.