Latest Trends in Green Business: Video

The following video presents some interesting views on how retailers, specifically Walmart, are turning green to increase profits. The reputation of Walmart has not been the greatest over the last few years, but their image is slowly changing because they are making real changes in their company. While green washing has unfortunately become common place in business, some companies have made real ‘green’ changes, and one of those retailers is Walmart. The panelist says that Walmart is saving millions of dollars PLUS they are receiving good public relations because of good corporate citizenship.

One of the panelist mentions the hype cycle of labeling a company as a green business. He believes that this will be a relatively quick cycle and those companies who are using the green phenomenon as simply a public relations move will soon be left behind. The companies who have invested time and money into becoming more environmentally friendly have profited and will continue to profit due to their willingness to truly become a green business.