Innovation Is The Key To Becoming Green

John Grant is an optimist by nature and the author of the book The Green Marketing Manifesto. He consults companies on going green in the areas of marketing and innovation. His best advice to a business person who asks the question, “where do I start” is simply one word – innovation. Mr.Grant asks companies, what is the one thing that is five or ten years ahead of everyone else and moving things forward? Everything else will fall into place if one focuses on the advancement of products and services. By jumping in fearlessly, businesses can immediately begin the transition to becoming a greener company. Mr.Grant also believes businesses are making mistakes by telling the public just how many wonderful things they are doing to help the environment. Allowing your company’s green products or services speak for itself is a much more effective way to gain credibility in the green economy.

Obviously, many small businesses that want to transition to becoming a green business don’t have the one magic bullet, but what they do have is the passion to make small and subtle changes that will positively impact the environment and hopefully their company’s bottom line.