Home Depot Eco Options Revisited

This past Saturday, after snagging our new rain barrels, Steve and I decided to head to Home Depot.

I’m definitely glad we went – aside from getting some needed items, it was also really interesting to see some of the green changes under way at HD.

You may recall my first post about Home Depot’s ‘Eco Options’. Again, this is a magazine that informs customers about the various eco-products available in the store, as well as offering quite a lot of interesting green living info in general.

When I first heard about it (last December) and had a look at the HomeDepot.ca site, I was pretty impressed with the online version of the “Fall” edition but still wondered how much of an effort they were making.

I had not seen any of the magazines in the store before, and was a little disappointed that the Eco Options section of the website was completely buried with no mention on the home page.

Well things have certainly changed. Not only are the magazines readily visible (and available) in multiple locations within the store, but Eco Options information is now also prominently displayed on the main Home Depot homepage. Add to this the fact they really seem to have expanded their selection of eco-friendly products and I have to admit I’m pretty impressed!

Speaking of cool eco products – I was blown away by the fact that they now offer multiple rechargeable lawn mowers along with a variety of quality push mowers! I can remember being frustrated two years ago (when I bought my current pollution machine from them) with their very limited selection of green mowers (they had some plug-in mowers and some sad push mowers).

This week (until April 29) they are actually offering anyone who brings in an old gas mower up to $100 credit towards the purchase of one of the new eco-friendly models. I’m thinking very seriously about taking advantage of this offer. From what I understand, gas mowers are unblievable bad when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. Although only 2 years old, I would love to get rid of mine!

Eco Options has also launched in the US, according to a story in GreenBiz News (link to follow). When I wrote my post in December I couldn’t even find mention of the program anywhere on the U.S site!

According to the article, Eco Options has been in Canada since 2004!! That’s a pretty major indication of the level of effort they put into the program prior to this past fall (I had no clue it even existed).

Here is an interesting blurb:

Home Depot has labeled more than 2,500 Eco Options products already, including all-natural insect repellents, compact fluorescent lightbulbs, cellulose insulation, front-load washing machines, and certified sustainable forestry products. By 2009, Home Depot expects the Eco Options label to grow to 6,000 products.

I am certainly interested to see how our Canadian Eco Options program develops over the next few years. So far so good, but of course there will always be room for improvement.