Harmony Organic Milk

On a recent visit to Brady’s Meat & Deli, (located in Waterloo, Ontario), I came across some organic milk products from Harmony Organic. I was instantly drawn to the old-fashioned glass bottles and intrigued enough to buy a few bottles and give it a try. I commonly purchase my milk in the plastic milk bags (which can be rinsed and recycled when empty).

Harmony Organic bottles their milk and each retailer charges a deposit for the bottle to encourage customers to return the bottles for a refund. What a novel idea!!!! No plastic packaging, it brings back a bit of nostalgia for baby boomers, better for the environment and in my opinion it simply tastes better!

On my first visit I purchased 2 bottle of 1 % and 2 bottles of chocolate milk. I was very pleased with both purchases and I found that each product tasted great. I will mention that buying harmony organic is more expensive than buying regularly produced milk. It is approximately double what you would normally pay. The question you need to ask yourself is, “Is it worth it?”. My answer is a resounding yes. The milk is produced organically and locally, it tastes better and simply looks cool!

A few weeks ago I went to buy some of the milk and I couldn’t even get one bottle. The staff at Brady’s mentioned to me that they keep selling out of their Harmony products. The milk is flying off the cooler shelves. Not to be disappointed,
I have set-up a standing order at Brady’s and I replenish my order every Friday.

Harmony Organic – At a Glance

According to the website, “The milk comes to you from cows treated with love and respect”. The goal for the dairy is to minimize stress and maximize comfort in anything they do. Harmony cows are treated as members of the family.

* Farm is free of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals (at least 3 years)
* To discourage throw away mentality, use glass bottles for their products
* Products: Full line of fluid milk products, 10% cream and 35% whipping cream

Harmony Organic is located in Bornholm, Ontario, about 57 kms away from my house. Bornholm is Northwest from Waterloo.

Where Can You Buy Harmony Organic Milk?

I buy my milk at Brady’s in Waterloo, at Phillip and Albert street. This is a great store and I highly recommend that you pay them a visit (I will be writing about Brady’s in the next few days).

Other places:

Eating Well Organically – 104 King Street South – Waterloo – (519) 883-0734

Fieldgate Organics – Weber Street Waterloo Farmers Market – Waterloo –

Full Circle – 3 Charles Street West – Kitchener – (519) 744-5331

Natural Food Market – 75 Bridgeport Road East – Waterloo – (519) 884-1811

Olde Kitchen Cupboard – 710 Belmont Avenue – Kitchener – (519) 745-7765

Pfenning\’s Organics – 1760 Erb Road West – St. Agatha – (519) 725-4282

Pfenning\’s Organics and More – Home Delivery – 1760 Erb Road West – St. Agatha – 519-725-4282
* Cattle are fed organic feed (at least 12 months)