Greener Computing

There’s no doubt that modern technology has played a major role in the advancement of the green movement. Never before in the history of mankind has it been so easy to share important information with countless others and inspire global change.

Of course, these great strides forward don’t come without costs.

Not only is a staggering amount of energy required to power everything, but with each passing day more and more e-waste is produced.

As important as the issue is, the IT industry (and related technological sectors) doesn’t seem to get nearly the same amount of coverage as many of the other environmental offenders such as the oil industry.

Thankfully, it seems as though things are starting to change. More focus is being placed on the environmental impact of the computing industry, and more and more companies are making an effort to lessen their impact.

As a person, who sits in front of a computer all day and is fully immersed in modern technology in general, I’m very eager to see some major green changes in these fields.

Needless to say I was very pleased to receive an email this week from the folks at GreenBiz.com, announcing the launch of their new website: GreenerComputing.

Here is an exerpt from the email:

As you well know, the environmental issues related to information
technology — computers, printers, servers, and all the rest — have come
under heightened scrutiny lately. Some of the concern has to do with the
growing power consumption of all this equipment. (Factoid: A single
high-powered rack of servers consumes enough energy in a single year to
power a hybrid car across the U.S. 337 times.)

Another concern is e-waste — what to do with unwanted electronic goods.
Much of it is being shipped overseas, where the equipment is dismantled by
cheap labor, often with disastrous health and environmental consequences.
And then there’s the toxicity of it all — the witch’s brew of hazardous
materials found in most of today’s IT equipment.

Fortunately, there are solutions, with new products and processes emerging
on a regular basis. That’s what we’ll cover on GreenerComputing.com and in
GreenerComputing News.

This is only a sample issue. You must sign-up to subscribe. It’s free and
easy. You need only click on the link at the bottom of this page that says
“Update Profile/Email Address.” From there, follow the instructions.

If you aren’t yet sure, no problem. We’ll send you several more issues to
help you decide.

Of course, feel free to pass this along to colleagues (such as those in
your IT department) who you think might be interested.

Thanks. Let me know what you think of GreenerComputing, and how we can make
it useful in your work.

– Joel Makower, Executive Editor

I’m definitely looking forward to keeping up to date with advancements in greener computing technology.

It’s amazing being able to inspire change and be inspired ourselves from the comfort of home, but we always need to remain mindful of the associated costs.