Green Technology Creates American Auto Jobs

green ObamaThe American auto industry is adding jobs as the transition to using green technologies takes shape. Daily jobs report is saying that automakers are adding jobs to support the integration of green technologies into the marketplace – specifically battery technology for electric powered cars. These jobs will be added gradually over a longer period of time, so the jobs data will increase as time goes by. Green auto jobs have, in part, been created with Department of Energy loans. Plants are shifting to becoming more green so new workers are needed. A gradual expansion is being forcasted as these new types of plants increase in size. People who were laid-off over one year ago are getting their jobs back, as well as new hires are being added as shifts are added to existing plants.

As the reporter points out, these jobs are only a fraction of the numbers of jobs lost in the auto industry over the last few years, but the data speaks for itself. As green technologies in the auto industry develop, more jobs are added to support this wonderful transition.

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