Green Jobs: Solar Panel Installer

As solar energy gains popularity in providing electricity to businesses, it also is becoming more popular with home owners, as shown in the following video. Solar panel installers has emerged as a new and important job within the green technology movement. Instead of a traditional type of construction job, these construction workers install solar panels on roofs of houses in neighborhoods throughout America. The skill sets are basic, with preference given to those with an electrical background, but this is a niche construction job. As changes happen with the way energy is produced, the off-shoot is the construction side. There is demand here.

Faisal El-Azzouzi is Solar Construction Manager for GRID Alternatives, which is a non-profit organization that provides renewable energy services to lower income families. And just because they are non-profit, it does not mean that all of their workers are volunteers, they also offer jobs to qualified individuals. Their job board is located here. When job hunting, don’t forget to check out large companies like Home Depot, or Canadian Tire in Canada, as these large scale companies look for people to help install solar panels.