A Green Jobs Revolution

Green Job Trends

An interesting fact that not many people look to can be found in Google Trends. Scanning the number of web searches using the keyword term ‘green jobs’ reveals a major jump in the year 2008. By reviewing the graph below one can see a leap in search queries for ‘green jobs’ from the end of 2007 to the start of 2008 – unscientific perhaps, but it does illustrate the point that people who are looking for a new career are adapting to the times and are searching a job market that barely existed a few short years ago. The importance of the web in searching for new careers has dramatically increased over the past few years. Google has been keeping track of search term queries since 2004, only four short years ago. What has caused this dramatic increase in search queries? Perhaps the answer lies in the average persons vocabulary. How long has the term ‘green jobs’ been apart of our everyday conversation? Personally, I only heard of the term no more than two years ago. As the green job market has expanded so has my knowledge and use of such terms. I suspect that most people can say the same. Where does one start on their journey to find a green jobs?

Job Boards

Advertising green jobs on the internet has sprung up and can easily be found. One of my favorites, though I have yet to mention in previous posts, can be found at AlternativeEnergyNews.info. This website has been one of my all time favorites, and their job board is a great resource. The site also has a chat room, so networking is also an option at Alternative Energy News. The key is to get out there, talk, surf the web, go to chat rooms in websites that focus on green energy and other sites that offer environmentally friendly products and services.

An example of a job that would be categorized as green job can be found at Toyota. The company is looking for a Fuel Cell Vehicle Planner. One of the listed qualifications of the position is the candidate must have a strong interest in energy or alternative fuels fields. This job opportunity would not have existed a few years ago, now car companies like Toyota are scouring the nation to fill this wonderful position.

The Future

The Political Economy Research Institute from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst have created an extensive report documenting the incredible machine that is the green economy. The gist of the report states that if investments were targeted to the greening of America two million new jobs would be created. The potential for massive growth is present but investment is needed to speed up the process. You can view the entire PDF report by clicking the report’s cover below.