Green Business in India

The importance that green business has in India will directly impact the world and our environment. With a population well over one billion, green business in India could quite literally alter our ecology. India’s economic growth rate has been incredible, and will continue to be incredible for many years to come. The widening middle class will only fan the flame of this growth.

One thing that separates India from most other fast growing economies is the emphasis and importance education has in the culture. Not only is India a country of many people, but it is a country of many highly educated, and highly motivated people. It’s not a secret that numerous companies have been setting up shop there in no small part due the the quality of its work-force. Sure low wages are a valuable reason too, but one shouldn’t undervalue the intelligence of people there.

Green Business in India

The significance India will have on the the world in the future will be extraordinary, we’ve only scratched the surface. The thing that remains to be seen is the importance green business has in India. Tackling mass poverty is the first thing that is happening, and it should be the first thing that the country emphasizes. India will be an economic powerhouse, and could be a leader in green business if they choose to be. The direction that business takes in India will have massive impact on the world. If business leaders there recognize the vast potential that green business has, and then decide to invest time, money, and effort, the world would only benefit. India is in a very unique position right now, they could either lead the world, or potentially aid in its destruction.

India, the world is watching. What’s your next move?