Green Business Idea – Green Janitor

One of our goals here at Green Business is to offer ideas to our readers to help them start their own green business.  Another excellent example of a green business is a green janitorial service, maybe even cleaning LEED certified buildings. These green business owners and workers use environmentally friendly cleaners in their business. Harmful chemicals and other cleaning agents can negatively impact the environment, but using cleaning agents that leave little or no negative effect on the environment steers these businesses to the green side.

You might not even realize that the detergents and other chemicals used as cleaning agents could be hurting you, your pets or the environment. This is just another example of how smart entrepreneurs are changing industry by taking an existing business and putting a spin on it. As mentioned earlier, a key to starting your green janitorial service could be to focus on getting contracts in LEED certified buildings or commercial properties where having an environmentally friendly philosophy is of great importance.

The US Environmental Protection Agency also realizes the importance of environmentally friendly cleaning products. They have actually dedicated a portion of their website to this cause.


The US Department of the Interior specifies what they believe to be characteristics that all environmentally friendly cleaning products must share. These characteristics include:

    • 1.Minimal skin, eye, and respiratory irritation.
  • 2.Biodegradability.
  • 3.Avoidance of undesirable or unnecessary dyes and fragrances.
  • 4.Recyclable containers and minimization of non recyclable waste.