Green Business Going To The Dogs

I came across the following site and I just smiled. Here you will find a company dedicated to our four-legged friends. Paw Luxury, an online store, specializes in providing dogs with organic food and other eco-friendly products. From beds & mats to clothing, Paw luxury has all the bases covered if you are looking to care for your dog in an environmentally friendly way. What a smart green business Paw Luxury has created. Animals have become part of our family, and with a bit of intelligence and a lot of hard work this green business is going places.

You can click the image below to check out their website.

* Correct use of the training leash is important, not only during training sessions, but at all times. Always having a loop over your thumb and your hand closed into a fist, prevents even the strongest dog from unexpectedly jerking the leash through your fingers and breaking free. Whether it’s the hand-loop or a loop formed by marrying the leash over your thumb, the result is the same. Pulling on the leash merely causes your grip to tighten