Green Business Consultant in Washington DC

When a single individual takes the initiative to start a business they must be applauded and if that person starts a green business they should be recognized. David Miller is a man from Halifax who sees an opportunity for Canadian companies that want to do green business in the United States but don’t know how to start, well, Mr.Miller saw an opportunity and he wants everyone to know that HE is where to start. Mr. Miller opened a consulting business in the United States, suburban Washington, DC, and is addressing an unfilled need in helping businesses in the Atlantic provinces of Canada that want to step into green business in America.

The Obama administration has set aside tens of billions of dollars for the green initiative and many businesses, those inside and outside of America, see incredible opportunities to prosper because of it. Mr.Miller is bridging the gap between those business that want to adopt a green approach to create new markets and revenue streams, but don’t know where to start. Mr.Miller is that bridge and will undoubtedly thrive because of it. He sees an untapped market and set up an office to help the numerous Maritime provinces who want to be participate in one of the most exciting times in business history.

It’s one thing for a large company to slowly transition into a becoming a ‘greener’ business,  but it is an entirely different thing for a single person to move a couple of thousand miles away into another country and set up a business solely based on the belief of the potential of  the green economy. Mr.Miller is putting all of his eggs on one basket. Some people say ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ while others, highly successful individuals, say ‘put all your eggs in one basket, then watch that basket’. This is exactly what Mr.Miller is doing and he is betting heavily on the green economy. We, at Green Business, wish Mr.Miller all of the success in the world. We hope his vision and business savvy create wealth beyond his wildest dreams.  Those who take these kinds of risks need to be rewarded.