Green Business Certification in Santa Monica

The City of Santa Monica is doing everything it can to help its citizens go green with the Santa Monica Office of Sustainability and the Environment’s website. Some of the areas the website covers are: buying green, education, energy, green building and hazardous materials. A superb idea and amazing resource from a city offering indispensable and helpful information. There are no more excuses for the average home and business owner not to make a transition to become cleaner and greener.

An extension of this amazing website is the part that is dedicated to green business programs offered by the City of Santa Monica. The four parts offered in this section are :

1. Green Business Certification Program
2. Business Greening Program
3. Sustainable Quality Awards
4. Buy Local Santa Monica

If you have a business in the Santa Monica area and are thinking about applying for a green business certificate the F.A.Q portion of the site will answer many question that you may have.