Green Building and LEED Certification

What does building green mean and why is it necessary? Greening a company encompasses many different aspects, not just recycling or stopping use of toxic materials and replacing it with something more environmentally friendly. Turning your company green includes green building practices. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, more commonly known as LEED,  is at the top in terms of certification of green building construction practices. Follow their guidelines, study their material and join others in building for a green and better tomorrow. The U.S. Green Building Council offers a third-party certification program. If interested, you can find out about the specifics of the LEED rating systems for new construction, schools, homes and retail designs.

Founding Father

Rob Watson is the founder of LEED and because of this he is generally regarded as one of the founders of green building practices. His passion for green construction and green building practices cannot be understated. Offering rational arguments and a refreshing point of view supporting green building and construction, Mr.Watson is at the cutting edge of green business and the structures that house these increasingly powerful companies. He offers a bottom-up approach to business and the environmental responsibility that everyone shares. It is with his forethought, insight and imagination that has brought LEED front and center in green building. This is more than a movement, but a fundamental change in the way businesses look at buildings not only as a means to house products and workers, but a way to harmoniously co-exist with the environment. Hats off to Rob Watson for over 15 years of dedication and teaching the world how to build green.