Green Architecture – Vancouver Convention Center

The Vancouver Convention Center has been designed with sustainability in mind. Green architecture is rapidly gaining speed to becoming a fundamental area of sustainability. Vancouver’s convention center is such a colossal project that without incorporating even a minimal amount of sustainability, it would have been devastating to the ecosystem in and around the current convention center area. The architects always kept green aspects of the project in mind. The philosophy of the architects – part building, part urban design, part interior design and part design of the ecosystem, bringing the inside out and the outside in. Their goal was to create urban ecology and urban habitat in downtown Vancouver. For example, recycled rainwater is captured and sent through storm drains into the basement of the convention center and what recycled water is not needed is sent to the ocean.

The following video focuses on the landscape architects of the convention center and what practices they used to create a sustainable roof on the convention center. The landscape architects used site specific plants, plants that would grow best under the roof and urban conditions by borrowing from nature but using science and technology and its understanding of plants to assemble the plant groups for the roof. Although there is irrigation on the roof, the landscape architects allowed the plants to go through their normal seasonal change. The key point being that it is a living roof. It will fluctuate and change over time, letting nature take the lead. Bringing nature and environment back into the urban core of the downtown is the result of this landscape architect’s vision.