Great Eco-Friendly Procedures And Solutions For Businesses

Because environmentally-friendly energy solutions are important to big businesses, many new technologies are being designed each year. For example, Sentry Energy Production uses new technologies to drill for oil in an eco-friendly manner. However, for offices, managers and employees must change their daily production and driving habits to reduce environmental waste.

Going Paperless

When businesses go paperless, they save a lot of trees, water, and chemicals. The process of making paper hurts the environment because harsh compounds are released into the air and water. The average business sends thousands of bills, checks, and statements to customers each month. If more companies use paperless solutions, the environment will be much cleaner.

According to experts, if more businesses go paperless, 16.5 millions trees will be saved, which is nearly 1.5 million tons of lumber. Also, greenhouse gasses will reduce by 3.9 billion pounds, which is the equivalent of taking thousands of vehicles off the highway.


Businesses who promote carpooling help the environment every day. The Sightline Institute reported that an average vehicle that has one driver and no passengers produces 1.10 pounds of carbon dioxide every mile. Commuters who carpool reduce daily carbon dioxide emissions by 0.37 pounds per mile.

Office Recycling

Companies that run office recycling programs protect the environment by reducing waste and saving energy. Another big benefit that is recycling helps managers save money.

To reduce waste, managers must replace all trash cans with recycling bins. This technique teaches employees to recycle instead of throwing their paper and plastic items away. 

By recycling one ton of paper, paper manufacturing plants save 4000 kilowatts of energy. Besides paper, employees should also toss their aluminum soda cans into a recycling bin. Aluminum is valuable because it can be recycled multiple times.

Since recycling reduces waste, businesses lower their disposal costs. By placing plastic, aluminum, and plastic products in specific recycling bins, trash haulers will collect far less waste every month. However, if additional cash is needed, aluminum soda cans can be traded for cash.

Green Office Products

There are several green office products that are manufactured in a way that helps the environment. Managers who want to reduce their carbon footprint must stock five eco-friendly supplies throughout their offices.

Recycled Printer Paper

Many years ago, the price of recycled printer was higher than the cost of non-recycled paper. Recycled paper was pricy because many companies were not manufacturing the product. Now, recycled paper is cheaper since it can be made from newspapers, cardboard, and other kinds of waste.

Staple-Less Staplers

A staple-less stapler reduces the need for staples because it weaves a small portion of the paper together. Documents still look professional after they are stapled, and businesses help the environment since the device doesn’t waste metal staples.

Sustainable Pencils

Businesses that use pencils regularly should use pencils that are produced from sustainable woods. By stocking these pencils, employees can take notes safely without contributing to deforestation.

Although the environment is not 100 percent clean, businesses can help reduce daily pollution by using eco-friendly products and implementing green office procedures.