Franke’s Future Grandkids

1_baby33I must say I was VERY pleased to recently receive an email from our good friend, Franke James – letting me know that her latest visual essay was ready!

I’ve been eagerly anticipating her latest release, and after reading it I have to say it was definitely worth the wait! I have loved her previous two works, but I’m quite sure this one is my favourite thus far!

It is called To My Future Grandkids in 2020, and takes the form of a letter written to her (currently unborn) grandkids in the year 2020.

It explains her worries and concerns about the state of the world from an environmental perspective, and of course carries with it a very powerful underlying message.

I found this particular piece a wee bit more sobering that the previous two. There was certainly plenty of Franke’s unique (and endearing) humour woven in, but the overall mood seemed to be more sombre – although it did pick up nicely at the end!

One thing is for sure, I think EVERYONE should read this!
So check it out and share it with others!

Once again here is the link:
To My Future Grandkids in 2020