Five Cool Resources To Make A Happy Planet

You don’t have to try to be perfect. Just do a few things to start making your life and your business green – common sense things.

One thing that many people forget is that even small changes are important. Reducing green house gases on a large scale, for example, through the use of alternative energy, is very important but one can start by simply being diligent in recycling cans and bottles. Everything is important and everything makes an impact. Being “aware” is much more important than people realize. Always keep in mind how you can reduce your impact on the world and its resources.

Companies are finding out that reducing their impact on the environment can actually lead to a cost savings for their business. But let’s be realistic here, not every energy savings technique will result in a cost savings, but maybe in a few years they will. This is where having a green business becomes interesting.

One of our goals at Green Business is to add value. Here is a list of resources to help green up your life and your business. You might find these sites interesting because being a little more environment friendly isn’t as hard as you may think. Many of you may already know of these websites and many more may not, but these should be bookmarked and always kept on file – they are just that helpful.

1. TreeHugger – Presenting a whole bunch of ways to go green in your life, this site is a great place to start if you want to make your life a little cleaner for the environment. How to green your water and how to green your electricity are just two tips that Tree Hugger’s “go green” area offers its readers.

2. David Suzuki Foundation – Filled with so many different and important resources, from areas focusing on solving global warming to creating a sustainable economy, this is a site that has a more academic approach to fighting global warming.

3. Natural Resource Defense Council – This is one of my favorite sites, and they do have an area of their website devoted to greening a business.

4. Green Markets International – Non-profit organization whose goal is to increase the use of alternative energy. This site seems to be designed for the intellectual in all of us.

5. About.com Sustainable Development – This area of the website About.com presents a number of useful articles about sustainable businesses.