Energy saving: Buy a Oxygenics TriSpa Handheld Shower

According to WHO/UNICEF estimates more than 1 in 6 people lack access to safe drinking water (1.1 billion people) and more than 2 in 6 people lack access to adequate sanitation (2.6 billion people). In the hotter equatorial countries they are already suffering from very high water stress levels. The future of the planet looks gloomy with an estimated increase of  40% to 50% in the world population in the next 50 years. Already 66% of the water the world uses goes towards crop irrigation. With more people on the way that percentage will increase and place more strain on the environment.

Compare these figures to a typical household in the USA. According to the University of Minnesota in one day a typical American family uses 260 gallons of water. And of that 260 gallons 35% is used by showers, baths and faucets. This is fact. We in the developed world are wasting water while the rest of the world is struggling to find enough clean water to drink and enough water to grow food. Buying an Oxygenics TriSpa Handheld Shower is one easy way to cut down on daily water use.

The average shower uses a staggering 5 gallons of water per minute. This means that if you shower for 8 minutes with a normal shower you use 40 gallons of water, which is the same as an average bath. This is profligate use of a valuable resource. The Oxygenics 80227 TriSpa Shower has patented technology that cuts by half the gallon per minute water flow to 2.5. This is achieved not by a reduction in water pressure like other eco-friendly shower heads. Instead the same powerful stream of water as a standard shower is maintained. The difference is that the Oxygenics system has 16 air intake ports. The air is literally sucked in with the water. The water becomes more oxygenated. This allows water consumption to be halved without any reduction in water pressure or cleaning effectiveness.

There are two added benefits for the consumer. One is that the highly oxygenated water has spa-like rejuvenation properties. It improves blood circulation, stimulates cell activity and promotes healthier more youthful-looking skin. The other benefit is a big cash saving.  Every shower you half your water use. That is half the water bill. And a further saving is made in water heating costs. In the Amazon reviews for the Oxygenics 80227 TriSpa Handheld Shower, Marcelo Mena estimates that she saves $15 a month in gas and water bills. Do the maths: the Oxygenics 80227 TriSpa Handheld Shower costs $56.95. If you save $15 a month in using the Oxygenics Shower, then the shower pays for itself in under 4 months. That is a really good rate of return. And, of course, the biggest rate of return is for the planet which is already struggling to feed and water all the people in the world.

The Oxygenics 80227 TriSpa Handheld Shower comes in chrome or brushed nickel. Included are the wand, 60 inch hose, wand holder, washers and teflon tape. The shower has 3 settings to allow you to further economize on your water use. Everything you need to start saving money and saving the planet. Perfect.

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