The Business of Technology

With the introduction of Apple’s new mobile phone, Iphone, one begins to wonder what Apple CEO Steve Jobs has up his sleeve. He always seems three steps ahead of the competition, so catching up in the cell phone business is a new thing for Jobs. Apple immediately becomes a leader in mobile phones, and since Jobs has never been one to rest on his laurels one can assume that the Iphone will lead to something else, but what? Jobs is on his way to successfully, and seamlessly, merging both mobile and stationary communication/entertainment. Along with the Iphone, Apple introduced a device that sits on top of a television and “reads” information from computers. Presumably one will now be able to download a television show or movie from one’s Iphone/Ipod and then transfer it, through this set-top box, to one’s television. CONVENIENCE, CONVENIENCE, CONVENIENCE— Not only is everyone “connected”, but now it doesn’t matter if you’re inside or outside of your home. Apple is integrating mobile and stationary devices to such a degree that the division has not become skewed, it simply no longer exists.Something that seems to have been lost in all of this is that Apple is now Apple Inc. The gloves are off as Apple begins to view itself as part Consumer- Electronics company. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to buy my first Apple HDTV. Two years and two billion itune downloads later, Apple Inc. has created a significant revenue stream for itself and others companies. Who can blame Hollywood for negotiating deals with Apple. They had to evolve or continue to lose money as box office receipts have steadily declined year after year. Jobs is positioning Apple to be a leader in the legal downloading of movies and television shows. Two bucks to download the latest episode of CSI Miami? Five, ten, fifteen bucks to download the latest Mission Impossible? Grab a bowl popcorn and sit in a comfy chair because it’s about to happen.