The Demise of the Wind Turbine

Wind turbines having been taking a beating in the media recently. People having been saying that not only are they ugly to look at, but they are noisy. I decided to get an impartial opinion on the subject, so I asked Jimmy Pickett, an oilman from Calgary, his thoughts. He’s been working in the oil industry, in one capacity or another, for thirty years. Our conversation was short and to the point.

“What we need is oil, more oil,” Calgary oilman Jimmy Pickett proclaimed. He continued “These wind mills are loud and they’re an eye-sore.” I asked him about the pollutants that oil refineries emit. He responded by calling me a liar and saying, “It’s not the refineries that make the pollution, it’s the people who keep driving all of them cars.” He then asked me if I knew what my carbon footprint was. I asked him if he knew what his was. He responded, “You keep turning this around and blaming the victim. By the way, building wind turbines in areas far enough away from homes so people aren’t disturbed by the noise is a cop-out. Just stop building them, and stop experimenting. You’re a jerk.”


please be patient with me, as this is my first time. the governments, oil companies,drug companies,weapon manufactures,etc,etc. are all working together,to obtain all the money and POWER,they can get. and at this time they have enough of it that, even though they might contribute billions of dollars to your cause.[ for apearances] they still have more than enough to thwart any actions we may take . as an example, did you know that bin laden is on our governments payroll. a lot of what seems like news is actually misinformation,to keep our attention away from what is really going on.think about it. and start paying attention to every thing,and don’t take everything at face value. I’m 60 yrs old and have seen a lot of water pass under that bridge.
thanks for this oppurtunity . david