Company Attempts To Go Greener

The CEO of Nestle Waters NA, Mr.Kim Jeffery, and his peers in the bottled water industry have been under intense scrutiny in the media recently over the effects bottled water is having on the environment. With most empty bottles ending up in landfills, Mr.Jeffery seems to be on a campaign to turn around this negative press. As he points out in this video, courtesy of Advertising Age, only a few short years ago bottled water was being recognized for its health benefits, now its negative enviro-impact is being targeted. Mr.Jeffrey does list a few ways Nestle Waters is attempting to lessen its impact on the environment:

1) Using less energy.

2) Releasing fewer emissions.

3) Building LEED certified green plants

4) Recycling more in their factories.

5) Light-weighting their packaging.

Who is responsible for all of the empty plastic bottles in the landfills, the companies who make them or the consumers who put them there? I think the responsibility is shared.