Charles to the Rescue!

Prince Charles is asking the business leaders of Britain for help fight climate change. During a speech to more than 1,200 business chiefs at St Jame’s Palace, Prince Charles asked for their assistance in finding solutions to this global problem.

“If the scientific consensus is right we need to act very rapidly indeed.”

In his address he compared the fight against global warming with the Second World War. He said:

“We can do it. Just think what they did in the last war. Things that seemed impossible were achieved almost overnight.”

The Prince’s call for action was well received and by the end of the day, more than a thousand companies had pledged to work within and outside their organization to reduce their carbon emissions.

According the articles that I have read, Charles has had a very passionate interest for green issues for many years. He has described climate change as “the biggest threat to mankind.” In recent months he has been criticized for not practicing what he preaches. It turns out that he recently flew to the United States to receive an environmental award. Was this the best decision that he has made, probably not. However, I think it is important to not judge or minimizes someone’s contribution on one incident.

Many celebrities who have lent their name to the fight against climate change, will self admittedly tell you that they are not 100% green. I remember watching a video with Annie Lennox. In the video she quite openly states that she is not the perfect “green” role model. However, she is trying to become more conscious of her actions on how those actions impact the environment. Wherever possible she is making strides to reduce her eco footprint. It all comes back to the EcoSherpa message, Realistic Responsible Living.