The Carbon Footprint Myth

Large oil companies – specifically British Petroleum, have hit a new low. The term Carbon Footprint has become the newest fad in environmentalism. Basically, British Petroleum, as well as other oil companies, is asking us what our environmental impact is. To this I say, “Screw You!”. How dare oil companies turn the tables around and start pointing the finger at the individual.

It’s their latest, great public relations campaign to put the onus on us. Instead of looking in the mirror, which is exactly what these companies should be doing, they’re taking the easy way out and are asking us how we are destroying the planet. I guess it’s a lot easier, and cheaper, to throw money into ad campaigns designed to camouflage what they are actually doing – raping the earth.

Stop with the crap and clean up your own backyard before telling me to clean up my insignificant mess.