Bringing Biodiesel Mainstream

I found a great article over at CNET, talking about biodiesel entrepreneurs. According to the article, the demand for green automobiles is on the rise and used car dealers are carving a niche for themselves by selling biodiesel-ready autos. Around the US, dealerships are popping up offering middle-class drivers with biodiesel vehicles like, VW, Mercedes and Honda.

It looks like the advertising method of choice for these new biodiesel entrepreneurs is the Internet. They are using their own web sites and classified sites to lure potential buyers. A few dealers have a physical, more traditional, auto lot.

From CNET Article:

After undergoing modifications that cost as little as $50 or as much as $2,000, diesel cars can chug either petroleum-based diesel, crop-based biodiesel, vegetable oil from the deep-fryers of fast-food kitchens, or even a combination of the three.

One of the businesses mentioned in the article is a company called BioBling. I love the name and the concept. I headed over to the website and had a look at what they offer. According to their site, “Biobling connects conscious people to green cars and clean, renewable fuel to run them.” They earn 10% of acquisition cost to locate a car and connect customers with a biofuel distributor. The customer is responsible for buying the car and any shipping fees. Drivers who want to add a little “bling” to their ride, can have Biobling add items like flat screens/DVDs, custom paint, new wheels, etc (all at an additional charge).

If you get a chance, have a read through Biobling’s Ten Commandments. I enjoyed the third commandment, “Thou shalt not covet they neighbour’s gas-guzzler.”

To learn more about Biobling, visit them here.

To learn more about Biodiesel, you can head over to the US National Biodiesel Board website or head to the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association website.