Being Green Under the Sheets!

candleI couldn’t resist writing about the article I found this morning, “Green sex the latest in saving the planet”, found over at the Winnipeg Free Press website. It turns out Greenpeace and TreeHugger have released guides for those of us who would like to bring some green into our sex lives. According to the article, everything from bamboo bed sheets to organic lubricant and “eco-undies” are available. I decided that I needed to head over to the Greenpeace website and check out their list to see how I could green my bedroom.

According to the “Greenpeace Guide to Environmentally-Friendly Sex”, the following practices will help you enjoy saving the planet (These are a few tips that I selected. To read the entire list, please visit Greenpeace.org)

• Turn off the lights
• If fruit puts you in the mood, make sure it is GE-free
• Avoid aphrodisiacs like oysters and other shellfish (substitute with more sustainable items)

I also visited TreeHugger to check out their guide, “How to Green Your Sex Life”. Some of the tips they mention, include (for a full list, please visit the TreeHugger website).

• Dinner by candlelight
• Bamboo bed sheets
• Take a shower together
• Drink organic wine and champagne

The next time you are in the mood for romance, remember that you can bring green into the bedroom. I hope enjoy reading TreeHugger’s guide. On a cold winter day, it definitely helped to make my morning a little warmer.