A Green MBA Recipient Speaks

One of our goals at Green Business is to showcase wonderful people and the impact they are having in the field of green business, and to offer inspiration and perhaps advice to those who are seeking to get into a similar vocation. Maybe you want to help the environment, but you also have the desire to start a business – well, Maggie Peters, the amazing person in the following video, has merged both areas seamlessly.

As you can see from the video, its star isn’t wearing a business power suit, but she does have her MBA. She has remained true to her vision and discovered the key to personal, ethical and financial success – a balance that many environmentalists find difficult to find. The key here is the fact that she did not sacrifice money for ethics or ethics for money. Some people foolishly believe that you cannot have both, ethics and money. Maggie is proof that you can have both – take her lead. We salute Maggie!!

Studying at the Monterey Institute, she believes that she was provided with the tools, knowledge and the skills to achieve the things she so desperately wants companies to strive towards. If you want to study green business in school, this video is a great showcase of what you can do if you decide to get a ‘green’ MBA. Maggie mentions the green jobs that might be if interest to her, they include being a Sustainability Coordinator or a Corporate Sustainability Officer in a corporation that focuses not just on their financial bottom line, or their social and environmental impact within their own community, but one that really focuses further and stretches their minds beyond what they can see to future generations and development projects in other countries.